Pillow History

Pillow was founded almost 200 years ago (1818) by a land developer named John Snyder.

It was incorporated as “Uniontown” on April 20th, 1864.  But when it got its first post office in 1847 the Post office of Uniontown already existed.  So a postal official substituted  the name of “Pillow” because of General Gideon Pillow who was fighting in the Mexican-American War.

It took about 100 years though for the name to become official (November 2, 1965).   Pillow was known for the industries of cotton, burial vaults, potato chips and bricks.   Now the major industry in Pillow is a Codi Case factory.

Mahantango Creek, which is tributary of the Susquehanna River borders Pillow on the North.  Mahantango translate as something like “where we had plenty of meat to eat”  or “good hunting grounds”.

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