Site Lease

Pillow Campground and Resorts

Seasonal Site Lease

_______________________________________________________________________ Site # __________


Pillow Camping & Resorts

PO Box 115
Pillow, PA 17080

(570) 758-3229


Name _______________________________________________________

Address _____________________________________________________

City  ____________________________Sate _______  Zip Code _________

Home/Cell Phone (        ) _____ -____________     Text: Yes / No

Home/Cell Phone  (        ) _____ -____________      Text: Yes / No


TERM OF LEASE     April 1, 20__ through November 1, 20__ (temperature depending on water).  Winter camping not included.

1. The LANDLORD agrees to lease to the TENANT Camp Site  #________  in Pillow Campground & Resort.
2. The TENANT agrees to pay the LANDLORD a non-refundable deposit of $100 on or before October 15,20__.  Must be paid in full by June 1, 20___
3. The TENANT agrees to use the premises for camping ONLY and does not certify that the site(s) will not be sublet.  You campsite is for you!  If you wish to have someone else camp on your site (camper or tent), they will have to pay the nightly camping rates or they may choose another site.  Tents may be put on your site(s) for YOUR children to sleep out.
4. This property being privately owned, the TENANT accepts camping privileges with the understanding that PILLOW CAMPGROUND & RESORTS will not be responsible for lost or damage due to theft or any other cause for accidents of injuries to persons on their property, or to members of the TENANT’S family or their guests.
5. The TENANT agrees to read and comply with ALL CAMPGROUND RULES & REGULATIONS given to them and posted on the premises. ALL RULES & REGULATIONS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.
6. Privately owned golf carts are not covered by the LANDLORD’S liability insurance; therefore all golf cart owners must have their own insurance and show proof of such upon request.  Golf cart operators accept full liability for property and personal injury resulting from said golf cart operators, where to operators, whether to operator, guests, other tenants, or campground property.  Operators MUST have VALID DRIVER’S LICENSE! All golf carts must follow the 5 MPH speed limit and must be driven in accordance with the one-way flow of traffic.  THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS!!
7. For insurance reasons, as well as safety, there will be NO BICYCLES ridden on the grounds after dark and children under 12 years of age MUST wear helmets–IT IS A PA STATE LAW. Parents allowing children under 12 to ride without helmets ACCEPT FULL RESPONSIBILITY!
8. Names and ages of children expected to camp:Name_________________________________________________  Age ____________

Name_________________________________________________  Age ____________

Name_________________________________________________  Age ____________

Name_________________________________________________  Age ____________

9. Pets must be kept on a leash, cleaned up after and not left unattended outside your camper.

10. TENANT agrees to carry his/her own camper liability & comprehensive insurance during the terms of this lease and furnish the name of his/her agent or insurance company upon request.

11. If visitors are staying overnight they will be charged $3.00 per person.  Additional unites (campers or tents) will be charged regular camping fees. Day visitors must leave at 10:45PM.

12. Parking; If parking becomes an issue, management will discuss

13. It is the TENANT’S responsibility to dispose of accumulated trash in the provided dumpster located behind the bathhouse, filling from the back first. Failure to do so could result in termination.

14. Electric meters will be read on the last week of each month and bills will be delivered on the 1st  weekend of the following month. If you are not camping  the weekend the bills are delivered, it is your responsibility to pick up your electric bill.  Electric bills must be paid by the 15th of the month (unless otherwise approved by the LANDLORD).

15. This lease contains the entire agreement between the LANDLORD & TENANT. If the terms of this agreement are not maintained, the LANDLORD reserves the right to  immediately resolve an and all rights of TENANTS, retaining all payments as collateral damages. LANDLORD OR TENANT can terminate this agreement with a 30-day written notice.

16. Winter storages fee of $50 must be paid no later than October 15,20___.

17. Quiet time from 11PM — 8AM.  Playground will be closed at this time.

18. Blue tanks, not blue tank dumping from Friday at 3:00PM until Sunday at 2:00PM

19. Sign must be turned by Monday for us to empty your tank on Tuesday – Thursday (If turned after, will not be empted until following week)

20. You are responsible for mowing your grass and keeping site clean. No grass cutting from Fri. 5:00pm – Sun. 2:00pm (unless you have managements permission)

21. Camper washing is allowed, but let your neighbor know before doing (no from Fri. 5:00pm- Sun. 2:00pm)

22. In the event the creek floods: management will notify and help with removal of campers to high ground.


______________________________________________ LANDLORD


DATE  __________________


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